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MyPriceChopper (Price Chopper Direct Connect Teammates) is the official Price Chopper Employee Login Portal, designed by Price Chopper to manage and supervise its employees and employment-related data. 

DirectConnect Price Chopper allows employees to login with their employee id and password and accesses a lot of features.

Price Chopper Direct Connect my portal login allows employees to access their Schedule, Payroll Access, Pay Stubs, Price Chopper Employee Benefits, Pay bills, and many other features.

In simple words, using the Price Chopper Direct Connect portal, employees will be able to manage a lot of their employment stuff. Like online schedules, employee payroll, customize profiles, etc.

So, if you are an employee at Price Chopper, read your eligibility to access this online portal –

Conditions to access your Price Chopper benefits

  • Genuine MyPriceChopper login URL link –
  • Must be an active Price Chopper employee.
  • Price Chopper Direct Connect my portal login details

How to access MyPriceChopper? Price Chopper Direct Connect Login

If you are an existing employee at the company, then accessing this online portal is pretty simple.

To access the Price Chopper Direct Connect Login, follow the step-by-step guide, given below –

Step 1: Visit on your internet-connected device.

Step 2: Now, fill in your username or Unique ID as your username in the first empty box. This can either your email ID or your old PCDC username/

Step 3: Next, enter your password (Chopper Direct Connect password) associated with your account.

Step 5: Click on ‘Log in’ to access your Price Chopper Direct Connect Teammates account.

Tips on accessing your MyPriceChopper account?

Username is your Unique ID or username that you use to login to your computer (if you have a email address).

Password is your PCDC password or password that you login to your computer with, depending on your username.

If you are having trouble logging in please call the help desk (x1444).

If you elect to print your statement and it prints too large or off the page, please make sure that the “fit to page” or “shrink to fit” option is checked on your printer settings.

Benefits of having Price Chopper Direct Connect Teammates

Price Chopper offers exclusive benefits for its employees through the Price Chopper Direct Connect Login portal.

Some of the benefits offered through the Price Chopper Direct Connect portal are –

  • Manage and check your working shifts schedule.
  • Send leave applications and check their approval status.
  • Use the portal to manage your work profile.
  • Use the portal to check and compare your progress of work month-wise.
  • You can also connect to your other co-workers using this portal.

Hopefully, I have provided the best information on Price Chopper Direct Connect my portal login to improve your knowledge on Price Chopper Employee Login.

If you still stuck while Price Chopper Direct Connect Login and DirectConnect Price Chopperfeel free to contact us.

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