MetroPCS Login, Plans, and Payment – Metro by T-Mobile

MetroPCS, own and operated by T- Mobiles, is the most popular prepaid wireless services provider in the USA as it offers the best plans at affordable and lowest bucks. 

MetroPCS provides prepaid wireless service in the U.S. that includes talk, text, and data services nationwide.

MetroPCS offers a wide variety of prepaid phones.

Devices can be purchased outright and used with MetroPCS services, which start at around $40/month.

MetroPCS offers various plans that include unlimited talk, text, and data; no annual contracts, visual voicemail, 4G LTE service, 3-way calling, and more.

Metro by T-Mobile also allows users to pay their bills online, by phone, and by mail after activating their device.

How to Activate MetroPCS Phone – MetroPCS Activation

If you’d bought a new phone and are curious to use it, then MetroPCS Activation is the very first task, you’ve to perform.

You can Activate Metro PCS Phone by following given below steps –

Before starting the process of activating a Metro PCS phone, make sure that you have your new phone, SIM Card, and contact details such as name, address, or the account PIN in handy.

Then, you need to present the serial numbers of your phone and SIM to activate a phone on Metro PCS. SIM card serial number can be located on the plastic card that came with SIM.

Once you’ve your details and your serial numbers in your hand, install your SIM Card by inserting it into the phone.

Next to installing your SIM, Choose the best one which suits bests on your needs.

Then, provide your SIM number, IMEI, selecting a plan, and visit MetroPCS online activation page to finish your MetroPCS activation. 

Her’s how to finish your Metro PCS activation –


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