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About MetroPCS Coverage Maps

MetroPCS or Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider owned and owner by T-Mobile USA.

MetroPCS (Metro by T-Mobile) is the second-largest career in the USA after Verizon.

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MetroPCS Coverage Map by States and MetroPCS Coverage Map by percentage chart.

Metro™ by T-Mobile Coverage Maps/MetroPCS coverage area map

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Above is the coverage map by Metro™ by T-Mobile. 

In this map, Light purple indicates MetroPCS 2G/3G coverage whereas dark purple indicates MetroPCS 4G coverage.

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Metro by T-Mobile 4G LTE Coverage Map – MetroPCS Coverage Maps 4G LTE

Metro by T-Mobile 2G/3G Coverage Map – – MetroPCS Coverage Maps 2G/3G 

Coverage Map Metro by T-Mobile MetroPCS

In a few areas, where 4G LTE MetroPCS coverage is not available.

Metro™ by T-Mobile still has access to talk, text and basic data with the 3G network.

MetroPCS Availability by State

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

T-Mobile Coverage By State

Check out the MetroPCS coverage available in each state by percentage in the following chart.

U.S. State T-Mobile Coverage Percentage Coverage in Miles
Alabama 82% 42,362
Alaska 0% 0
Arizona 59% 67,267
Arkansas 89% 47,384
California 73% 112,804
Colorado 60% 62,951
Connecticut 98% 4,957
Delaware 97% 2,009
Florida 88% 51,178
Georgia 91% 53,450
Hawaii 63% 4,311
Idaho 50% 41,792
Illinois 86% 48,518
Indiana 96% 34,724
Iowa 65% 36,871
Kansas 86% 70,823
Kentucky 86% 34,901
Louisiana 92% 43,142
Maine 25% 8,516
Maryland 93% 10,187
Massachusetts 94% 7,870
Michigan 85% 50,470
Minnesota 88% 78,171
Mississippi 69% 32,667
Missouri 81% 56,434
Montana 58% 84,830
Nebraska 14% 11,200
Nevada 59% 65,646
New Hampshire 77% 7,405
New Jersey 98% 7,565
New Mexico 89% 106,322
New York 84% 41,270
North Carolina 83% 42,103
North Dakota 84% 47,103
Ohio 95% 39,189
Oklahoma 94% 66,012
Oregon 47% 45,949
Pennsylvania 93% 42,110
Rhode Island 91% 1,078
South Carolina 96% 30,060
South Dakota 76% 58,602
Tennessee 75% 31,704
Texas 86% 229,252
Utah 66% 55,161
Vermont 61% 5,858
Virginia 82% 33,277
Washington 63% 43,012
West Virginia 42% 10,214
Wisconsin 73% 40,672
Wyoming 52% 51,832


Which cell towers does MetroPCS use?

The performance: Metro runs on T-Mobile’s network which means you’ll experience excellent speeds and coverage, although rural areas might be experiencing signal issues. Two caveats are in place, however: You’ll only be able to stream videos only in SD and your data speed could be lower than when you were a T-Mobile customer.

Does MetroPCS work nationwide?

Metro runs on T-Mobile, America’s largest network for 5G. As 5G expands and expands, you can depend on Metro’s 4G LTE service that connects the majority of Americans.

Does Metro use all of T-Mobile’s towers?

Coverage. MetroPCS is a T-Mobile the LTE Network. This is a good thing for MetroPCS customers since the T-Mobile network is in very good a comparison with the other Big Four carriers.

Final Words

All MetroPCS coverage maps are for informational use only. For more genuine MetroPCS Coverage Maps/Metro by T-Mobile Coverage Maps, visit their official website at MetroPCS Coverage Map.

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